QiaiQian * 愛 Ai

✉ contact: [email protected]

About me

[fr/eng | isfp-t | 20]
hi! i am ai and i draw stuff!
i like animes/mangas, webtoons, games and vtubers.


I will usually take around 1 week to 1 month to finish a commission. If you did not get any updates in 2 full weeks, you can message me. Avoid messaging me for updates too often. Receiving messages every week can be overwhelming so please be patient.No refunds. Do not commission me if you are unsure!Full payments must be made before I start working on the commission.Please provide visual references. If you only have a written description, please check my design fees.Only for personnal use. (meaning no profit)Try not to share the full HD version of the art without my watermark. It is to prevent theft! I would highly appreciate it.No major changes after the line art. (base colour can always be changed before the shading process)All prices in $CAD. (I do accept $USD and EUR, but they will not be converted. meaning: $5CAD = $5USD = €5)I will use ko-fi for the payments (uses PayPal and Visa)Please message me if you're interested! (Twitter: @qiaiqiain Instagram: @qiaiqian_) E-mail is also ok!

do's & don'ts

Humanoids (humans and kemonomimis)
Original characters/in-game characters/personas
Fanart (do remember you cannot make any profit from it)
✘ Old characters
✘ Animals/Monsters (I could try though!)
✘ Gore, mecha, nsfw, furry
✘ Muscular characters

**I maintain the right to turn down any request.

Bust-up $25

+ $10 for details
Coloured sketch $15

Small chibi $20

+ $10 for details

Doodle / Sketch $10 (w/colours)

+ $5 for details